Jakarta EE Platform


The Jakarta EE Platform project provides the specification document, and related technical artifacts for the Jakarta EE Platform, Jakarta EE Platform Web Profile, and Jakarta Managed Beans Specifications.

The Jakarta EE Platform defines the aggregation and integration of the full collection of Jakarta EE specifications.

The Jakarta EE Platform Web Profile defines the aggregation and integration of the subset of Jakarta EE specifications related to the development of web applications.

The Jakarta Managed Beans specification defines a set of basic services for container-managed objects with minimal requirements, otherwise known under the acronym “POJOs” (Plain Old Java Objects).

Name Date
Core Profile 11 2024-03-31
Web Profile 11 2024-03-31
11 2024-03-31
Web Profile 10 2022-09-13
10 2022-09-13
Core Profile 10 2022-08-15
9.1 2021-05-25
Web Profile 9.1 2021-05-25
9 2020-11-20
Web Profile 9 2020-11-20
Managed Beans 2.0 2020-11-20
8 2019-09-10
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