Eclipse 4diac™ 1.13.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The goals for this release are:

  • 4diac IDE
    • Improve usabilty and editing efficiency of the different Function Block network editors
    • Increase loading and saving performance
    • New Project layout for more harmonisation with Eclipse workspaces
    • Improved editing of subapplications
    • Support for IEC 61131-3 Struct data types
    • OCL checks for model integrity checks
    • Migrated to xtendbased code generators
  • 4diac FORTE
    • Mainly bug fixes and stabalizing 4diac FORTE
Security Issues

No know issues and no fixed issues.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Again usability and user experience was also a key driver behind the developments done in this release cycle for 4diac IDE. We focused on improving many small details that where anoying and disturbed the development workflow. Espeically a focus where on the FB network editors. This included better selection support, refactoring and navigtation means, clean-up of pop-up menus and having many actions also in the main menu.