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Eclipse 4diac™ in its current form has been started 2007 as an open source project fostering the further development of IEC 61499 for its use in distributed Industrial Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCS) and to further distribute research results from the original contributors. From the beginning, it has provided everything that is necessary to program and execute distributed IPMCS.

4diac has become one of the main sources for IEC 61499-based research and development (see for example the 4diac Users' Workshop series). It has been successfully applied in a number of industrial systems, such as manufacturing systems, logistics, power and energy applications, robotics, or building automation.

A screenshot of the 4diac IDE is presented in the following figure:

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From 2022-03-01 to 2018-04-20

Name Date Review
2.1.0 2022-03-01
2.0.0 2021-10-08
1.14.0 2021-05-03
1.13.0 2020-10-07
1.12.0 2020-04-01
1.11.0 2019-10-01
1.10.0 2018-11-12
1.9.0 2018-04-20
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