Eclipse Cyclone DDS™ 0.6.0 (Florestan)

Significant new features

  • Support for mixed-language programming by supporting multiple (de)serializers for a single topic in a single process. This way, a program that consists of, say, C and C++ can use a different representation of the data in C than in C++. Before, all readers/writers in the process would be forced to use the same representation (or perform an additional copy). Currently C is still the only natively supported language, but one can use an evolving-but-reasonable-stable interface to implement different mappings.

  • Improved QoS support: full support for deadline, lifespan and liveliness. The first is for generating notifications when a configured instance update rate is not achieved, the second for automatically removing stale samples, the third for different modes of monitoring the liveliness of peers.

  • Improved scalability in matching readers and writers. Before it used to try matching a new local or remote reader or writer with all known local & remote entities, now only with the right group with the correct topic name.

  • Improved tracing: discovery data is now printed properly and user samples have more type information allowing floating-point and signed numbers to be traced in a more readable form.

Extension of platform support

  • Known to work on FreeBSD, CheriBSD
  • Known to work with the musl C library

Windows-specific changes

  • Fixes multicasts to addresses also used by non-Cyclone processes (caused by accidentally linking with an old sockets library)
  • Correct handling of non-English network interface names
Release Date
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Minor release