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Eclipse Cyclone DDS is an implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification (see ) and the related specifications for interoperability (see )

With 'DATA' being 'the currency of the IOT', having a proper data-sharing technology will be a key-asset in any IOT-platform. The OMG DDS standard is recognized as a highly applicable standard for reliable and robust data-sharing in business- and mission-critical environments (see and ) and with that a great fit with the Eclipse-IOT ecosystem.

Eclipse Cyclone DDS offers unique data-sharing capabilities compared to the already existing Eclipse solutions (i.e. for messaging).

Its data-centric architecture (where data has RDBMS-like structure and relations rather than 'blobs' as typically used in lower level messaging products) combined with the capability to 'annotate' the data(-models) with fine-grained QoS properties (for reliability, urgency, persistency etc.) provide unrivalled functional and non-functional properties for time- and mission/business-critical IOT-systems.

With a history of proven applicability in the military C4I domain (that are not so much unlike upcoming large-scale IOT-systems where you can also distinguish between planning-, awareness- and execution-grids that all impose specific requirements w.r.t. interoperabillity, high-volume data-sharing and deterministic/real-time data-access) we are confident that  starting from day-1 this offering can significantly reduce the complexity of many IOT-systems and with that reduce their integration efforts and risks. 

Furthermore we are confident that the Eclipse-IOT ecosystem will benefit even more by active participation in the evolution of this technology and the (OMG-)standard its based upon.

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