Eclipse Embedded CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) 6.0.0

Release Date

The new release will be available via the SimRel mechanism.


Special precautions were taken to preserve compatibility with projects created by pre-6.x plug-ins, such that user projects will continue to be accepted directly for Import, without modifications.

However, due to the way Eclipse manages perspectives and views, by caching some IDs, workspaces created with pre-6.x plug-ins may exhibit several problems when used directly.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to create new workspaces with the new release and import the project there.

Name Date Description
Rename features, bundles and Java classes 2020/11/10 Rename the features, bundles and Java classes to org.eclipse.embedcdt. Done.
Update the STM templates 2020/11/15 The code used by the STM templates was based on old STM packages, released under a custom license, which allowed reuse, but it was not a true open source license. In the mean time STM liberalised the policy and now all packages are released under the BSD license. Done. All STM templates were updated to the latest packages available from CubeMX..
Split plug-ins into core, ui & branding 2020/11/30 As suggested by Alexander, existing plug-ins which mix UI and non-UI classes should be suffixed by .ui; new plug-ins suffixed with .core should be created and classes not using the Eclipse UI support moved there. Similarly, new plug-ins should be created and the branding content moved to them. Done.
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2020-12