Eclipse Kanto


Eclipse Kanto provides a modular IoT edge software stack for AIoT, configurable and remotely manageable by an IoT cloud ecosystem of choice.

Eclipse Kanto will bring all the essential IoT enablement for edge devices

  • Cloud connectivity and digital twins in the cloud via integrations with most fit-for-purpose public IoT platforms like Eclipse IoT packages, Bosch IoT Suite or Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Comprehensive semantic representation and modelling of edge functions and state using Eclipse Vorto or alternatives that might better fit specific domains
  • Container management using open standards and open specifications like OCI and integrations with open source container management runtimes like contianerd, podman and more depending on domain and hardware requirements
  • Local messaging and communication (pub-sub) between devices and applications using MQTT and integrations with open domain-specific protocols or standards.
  • Local edge management and configuration including containers, logs, files, runtime metrics, performance monitoring, health status and more depending on the domain specifics
  • Flexible software updates for diverse software like containerized applications, device firmware, operating system, scripts, etc. via open software management standards and integrations with best-in-class device and software management public backends like Eclipse hawkBit, Bosch IoT Suite Device Management, Microsoft Azure IoT Device Management and more
  • Flexible deployment options and integration with existing Linux ecosystems like Debian, Apertis Pro and Yocto Project
  • Integrations with open source complex event processing, analytics & AI systems and frameworks to enable analytics & AI for the lightweight edge

In addition, device-side client SDKs and libraries (southbound) will be provided for Go, Python, Rust to ease development of containerized device applications and software update agents.

Name Date
Name Date
Progress Review 2024.12 2024-12-04
2023.12 Progress Review 2023-12-06
Restructuring Review 2022-08-24
Creation Review 2021-10-20