Eclipse Keyple® 0.9.0 (Cpp 21/01)

0.9.0 (Cpp 21/01)


This porting in Cpp of Eclipse Keyple 0.9.0 (Java 20/09), following the same API evolution.

  • for the 'Keyple Calypso extension':
    • a simplified Calypso API to recover the APDU responses' data by using a card image,
    • the addition of the Calypso features Stored Value transaction and PIN verification, the support Invalidate/Rehabilitate PO commands, and the Unlock SAM command.
  • for the 'Keyple Core module':
    • a clearer public plugin API that better hides internal processing for developers of applications involving readers.
    • an improvement of the API to manage the release of the communication channel with Secure Element, with a consistent behavior regardless the type of reader (observed or not).


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