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Eclipse Kura 5.2.0 Release Review

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This minor release of Eclipse Kura, compatible with Java 8 and OSGi R7, introduces new framework features for EDGE AI with model encryption, an improved Container management with entrypoint and networking support, Device Configuration Twin contract and a new PKCS11 Keystore Service provider.


Features and Improvements

  • 0799c19ad9 - [api] Added support for timestamp in log entry (#4042) (Matteo Maiero)
  • cfe8f4e728 - [api] Keystore API now supports the passage of parameters with AlgorithmParameterSpec and the adding of X509CRL to the KeystoreService. (#4002) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • c2662bf356 - [api] Added new EnrollmentService API. (#3984) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • 31552f6680 - [ble.provider] Lazy initialization of Bluetooth DeviceManager (#4052) (Pierantonio Merlino)
  • 9a86b2bb67 - [core] Added support for separate truststore in SSLManagerService (#4063) (nicolatimeus)
  • a0f7cbd59d - [core.keystore] Added certificate utility methods. (#4044) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • 8b4726b742 - [rest.api] Initial support for custom REST authentication providers (#3982) (nicolatimeus)
  • 5a218b31e1 - [ai.triton.server] added an option to control the max message size limit for the GRPC calls (#4035) (Marcello Rinaldo Martina)
  • e0aa32f31a - [ai.triton.server] Add Model Encryption support for Triton Server Service (#3986) (Mattia Dal Ben)
  • 90ce342dba - [ai.triton.server] expose "timeout" parameter for long running operations (#4017) (Mattia Dal Ben)
  • b08241015d - [net.admin] Added a cache for the network configuration (#4012) (Pierantonio Merlino)
  • 972cfd82bd - [org.eclipse.kura.container.orchestrator] Container network configuration support (#3983) (G_Ivo)
  • acd74d3569 - [org.eclipse.kura.container.orchestrator] Add container entrypoint override support to container orchestrator (#3973) (G_Ivo)
  • 41807ecc09 - [org.eclipse.kura.container.orchestrator] adding support for image-management via inventory API (#3953) (G_Ivo)
  • 0a5c49beed - [org.eclipse.kura.container.orchestrator] added image managemnt to container dashboard (#3968) (G_Ivo)
  • 4cdfdcb68d - [org.eclipse.kura.container.orchestrator] added support for image management container orchestrator (#3970) (G_Ivo)
  • 04045dbebf - [protocol.can] Switched to libsocket-can-java with support for all Kura architectures (#3975) (nicolatimeus)
  • ec6e97ef4a - [web2] Replace NetAdmin with ConfigurationService in GwtNetworkConfigurationService (#3964) (Pierantonio Merlino)
  • dd577df5d4 - [web2] Add support for Japanese (#3977) (Matteo Maiero)
  • 988635727c - [web2] password change feature (#3936) (Marcello Rinaldo Martina)
  • 3c307c6e5d - [web2] Allow to set empty dns server list. (#3930) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • e647826a3d - [web2] Modem Tab Modification (#3816) (ftoure67)
  • 6b86b71a52 - [wire.db.component.provider] Add generic db wire components (#4046) (Pierantonio Merlino)
  • 38f3f6b885 - [examples] add AI Wire Component Sense-Hat demo (#3824) (Mattia Dal Ben)


Breaking Changes

  • Eclipse Kura v5.2 does not introduce API breakage with previous releases.


Deprecated APIs

  • (Partial)
  • (Partial)
  • (Partial)


Target Platform Updates (since 5.1.0):

  • c146d8d649 - Upgraded commons-lang3 to 3.12.0 (#4049) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • 703ddcfcac - Upgraded bouncycastle to 1.71 (#3999) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • c4231f7b9b - updated H2 to 2.1.214 (#4022) (Marcello Rinaldo Martina)


Architectural Issues

This release of Kura does not introduces API breaking changes but deprecases few APIs especially in networking. 

The project has also started a review of the supported platforms, in order to be able to concentrate the support to a more defined set of targets.

Security Issues

No new CVEs for Eclipse Kura have been reported or solved in this release.

We have updated the main framework dependencies to reduce the list of possible affecting CVEs.

The updated dependencies lists is the following:

  • c146d8d649 - Upgraded commons-lang3 to 3.12.0 (#4049) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • 703ddcfcac - Upgraded bouncycastle to 1.71 (#3999) (Salvatore Coppola)
  • c4231f7b9b - updated H2 to 2.1.214 (#4022) (Marcello Rinaldo Martina)
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End of Life

The following APIs have been marked as deprecated:

  • (Partial)
  • (Partial)
  • (Partial)

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