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The Eclipse Thingweb project is intended as open-source toolkit for the Web of Things ecosystem with modular implementations of the technological building blocks standardized by the W3C. The toolkit may include implementations of the same building block for different platforms, frameworks, or languages. The initial building blocks currently being standardized are:

Once these documents reach Candidate Recommendation status, the W3C WoT activity intends to re-charter the WoT Working Group to standardize the next set of building blocks. This is being explored and identified by the WoT Interest Group, which operates in parallel to the Working Group. Thingweb intends to grow with new building blocks being defined in the future. This may include early work by the WoT Interest Group that is not part of the standards track yet.

Furthermore, Thingweb shall include auxiliary tools for the WoT ecosystem such as user interfaces or visualizers for Things, converters to the Thing Description and its serializations, semantic processors around the Thing Description, etc.

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Creation Review2018-02-07