Eclipse Thingweb

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The Eclipse Thingweb project will start with three sub-projects in the toolkit:

Thingweb node-wot

node-wot is the official reference implementation of the W3C WoT Working Group and implements the so-called "Servient Architecture":

Servient Architecture

node-wot provides a WoT Thing Description parser and serializer, several "Protocol Binding" implementing the WoT Binding Templates, as well as a runtime system ("WoT Runtime") providing the WoT Scripting API for applications. It is based on Node.js and its fundamental module structure.

Thingweb Directory

A Thing Directory is a directory service for WoT Thing Descriptions (TDs) that provides a Web interface to register TDs (aligned with draft-ietf-core-resource-directory) and look them up (e.g., using SPARQL queries or CoRE Link Format). The Thingweb Directory implements this service using the Apache Jena triple store and SPARQL endpoint.

Thingweb WebUI

Thingweb also intends to provide tooling around the Web of Things ecosystem. The WebUI is an AngularJS browser app to visualize TDs and enable the interaction with Things from the Web browser.

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