Eclipse Vorto 0.9

The Eclipse Vorto 0.9 is the very first release after the project creation. It provides an IoT Eclipse Toolset allowing users to describe IoT Devices, so called Information Models, with simple editors and publish them in a Information Model repository.

Additionally it includes many example code generators that translate Information Models into platform specific code.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Vorto Toolset
With the IoT Eclipse Vorto Toolset, you can describe the characteristics and functionality of devices as Information Models, share them with others and generate code with the help of Code Generators.
Vorto Repository
The Vorto repository manages your device descriptions (Information Models). Users are able to search device characteristics and device functionality.
Code Generator API
Vorto Code Generators convert an Information Model into executable code that is specific for the platform. Every generator translates the platform independent information model into a platform model and lastly source code. The Vorto Code Generator API lets you plug in your own code generator into the toolset.
Example Code Generators
Many example code generators illustrate the many possibilities of how code generators can be effectively used. They can also be taken as a code reference to implement your own generator with the Generator API.