Eclipse Amalgam

The intention of the Modeling Amalgam™ project proposal is to augment the current Modeling project with one focused solely on refining the "user experience" when using Modeling project technologies.

The Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) was formed as a top-level project at Eclipse in order to bring together a number of modeling-related projects. While the Modeling project has been a success in many respects, it remains somewhat a collection of individual projects with little or no focus on integration or ease-of-use. As stated in the EMP charter, the "Eclipse Modeling Project will focus on the evolution and promotion of model-based development technologies within the Eclipse community. It will unite projects falling into this classification to bring holistic model-based development capabilities to Eclipse." While the task of unification is underway, the task of promotion is hindered by difficult installation, lack of integration, and poor usability.

Latest Releases

From 2024-04-30 to 2009-09-30

Name Date Review
1.14.0 2024-04-30
1.13.0 2022-07-22
1.12.1 2021-06-01
1.12.0 2020-12-17
1.11.0 2019-09-25
1.10.1 2019-05-10
1.9.2 2018-12-03
1.9.1 2018-11-19
1.10.0 2018-11-19
1.9.0 2018-03-08
1.8.0 2017-06-22
1.7.0 2016-06-22
1.6.0 2015-06-24
1.5.0 2014-06-25
1.4.0 2013-06-26
1.3.0 2012-06-27
1.2.0 2011-06-22
1.1.0 2010-06-23
1.0.0 2009-09-30
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