Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 2.0.0

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Eclipse EEF 2.0.0 will improve the new runtime and language introduced by EEF 1.6.0

EEF provides highly dynamic mechanisms to build an user interface based on an interpreted language and let you customize declaratively advanced concepts like the style or layout of your user interface. This new release contains improvement to the runtime to provide support for new features and bug fixes.

For specifiers, it contains the support for the following new features:

  • Toolbar action on pages and groups
  • Force refresh for dynamic mappings
  • Support for images on buttons
  • Customization of the behavior on click on a reference widget

On the technical side, we have completed our switch to Java 8 and this new version will leverage several new APIs of Java 8.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Release Type: 
Major release (API breakage)