Eclipse EMFStore 1.1.0

Release Date
  • Improve support for pluggable backends to store data on client and server side by indroducing a URI schema for EMFStore specific URIs. 
  • Provide a XMI backend using the new URI schema
  • Provide a new Mongo DB backend using the new URI schema

Backward compatible to 1.0.x.



EMFStore is currently not internationalized.

Target Environments

Java 1.5

Eclipse Juno and Kepler

Name Date Description
M1 2013/11/29 <ul> <li>First implementation of URIs</li> <li>Extension point to add backend</li> <li>Extension for XMI Backend based on extension point</li> <li>Mongo DB Backend implementation based on extension point</li> </ul> <p> <a href="">Bugzilla Link</a> </p>
M2 2013/12/05 Final Bugfixing

Improve conflict detection

Conflict detection and resolution can be further improved:
  • avoid false positives in case conflicting operations have the same effect
  • fine grained conflict detection for conflicting composite operations

Extend API

The current API is working quite well, but is still missing some pieces, which will be declared public in this release.