Eclipse GMF Runtime 1.14.0

Changes in this version:

  • Bug 572885: Move to Batik 1.14 (from the very old 1.6 version).
    • As part of the move, the SVG support in GMF is now configured to disallow external references in SVG files for improved security.
    • Removed support for exporting to PDF (as Batik PDF 1.14 is not available in Orbit). This will now result in a TranscoderException. If this is an issue for you please open a ticket on bugzilla.
  • Ensure support for Eclipse 2021-06
  • Drop support for Oxygen (too complex to support with modern toolchains which are needed for 2021-06).
  • Fixed a long-standing potential memory leak.


Note that the GMF Notation component is not impacted in this release and stays at version 1.13.0


  • GMF Notation 1.13.0:
  • GMF Runtime 1.14.0:
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