Eclipse eTrice 2.0.0

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The 2.0.0 release of eTrice contains a number of major and also breaking changes

  • The internal generator model for the hierarchical finite state machines with inheritance was replaced with a much more consistent and simpler version.
  • The computation of the type of transition data is performed consistently even in the presence of triggers with different data types.
  • The name of message data was dropped since with the generalized type computation above it can't be used as parameter name in action codes anymore. The parameter name now always is 'transitionData'. This is a breaking change.
  • All detail level code (action and other user code in state machines and operations) can be specified as smart string (similar to Xtend) now. This makes the models much more readable.
  • The generator interface of eTrice will be re-designed and re-implemented. Up to the launch configurations which will also change this isn't user visible.
  • A new parser and linker for the detail level code part will be used for content assist, hover help, syntax highlighting, hyperlinking and code translation to target code in the generator.
Release Date: 
Friday, October 26, 2018
Release Type: 
Major release (API breakage)