Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language) 6.4.0 Photon

Release Date

The Pivot-based OCL support now requires Java 8. This inhibits installation of the full Neon release on platforms earlier than Luna.

The classic Ecore/UML support continues to require only Java 5.

The non-internal plugins use API tooling to ensure compatibility.

API filters are required to enable reasonable evolution of EMF auto-generated code.

Name Date Description
M1 2017/08/07
M2 2017/09/18
M3 2017/10/31
M4 2017/12/11
M5 2018/01/29
M6 2018/03/12
M7 2018/05/14
RC1 2018/05/21
RC2 2018/05/28
RC3 2018/06/04
RC4 2018/06/11
This release is part of Eclipse Photon