Eclipse Papyrus 4.5.0

Papyrus has for the version 4.5:

Improve ElementType framework configuration usage

  • Analysis the performance of the ElementType creation command.
    • ElementType performance is already optimized while lasting at last only 1.5 to 2 times longer than UML plain commands while providing the advanced customization facilities.
  • All Helpers and Advices have been reviewed in order to validate their behavior. Everything is ok.
  • Use cases of the ElementType framework have been reversed and formalized in order to be able soon to provide a detailed documentation. First use case description committed can be found in the plug-in plug-in to unregister a helper advices.

Diagram editor improvement

  • Correction of bugs in the sequence diagram editor.
  • Improvement of Activity Diagram editor UX (drop strategy, and major bugs have been fixed).

Property view improvement

  • Fix minor property view for elements.
  • Manage the stereotypes properties with SetStereotypeValueRequest instead of SetRequest for the properties view. With this, we can use element types of stereotype properties.
  • Add new tests on DataBinding elements in order to increase code coverage.

Add New Example Models

  • User example models now can be created by the menu example.

Improve ModelToDoc feature

  • Create the version 0.7.0.
  • Modification of menus.
  • New possibility to generate a document in one step.
  • Documentation has been written.
  • A rich example and an empty template have been provided to the user.

Other topics

  • Modification of resource notification for save in order manage save of big models.
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