Eclipse Papyrus 3.0 (Oxygen) Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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3.0 (Oxygen)


Papyrus 3.0 makes changes on the following topics: 

  • Improve the user experience and usability (notably ergonomics, stability and performance). 
  • Homogenize and improve DSML-related mechanisms (including customizability and extensibility). 
  • Add new modeling and design facilities. 

In addition, some important architecture changes have been done for Papyrus 3.0:

  • Introduction of a 'Papyrus for Toolsmiths' feature to regroup the Papyrus DSML-related mechanisms. 
  • Better structuring of tests to be aligned with the architecture of Papyrus and to group them in consistent suites. 
  • Purge Papyrus main Git repository from incubation work. 
Architectural Issues

GMF Tooling has dropped from the simultaneous release. Papyrus decided to incorporate the GMF Tooling runtime plugin in its own code base. The original copyright has been kept but the namespace has changed to match the namespace prefix of the Papyrus project. 

Security Issues

No security issues known. 

Non-Code Aspects

User, toolsmiths and developer documentation to be completed on the last days of the release candidates. 

End of Life

See the migration guide to Papyrus 3.0 for APIs and architecture evolution. 

You may also look at the API Evolution Report.


Papyrus 3.0 continues the support modeling with the following standards as part of the simultaneous release or as incubation additional component (*): 

Papyrus 3.0 adds the support of:

Papyrus 3.0 supports but deprecates:

The Architecture Framework introduced in Papyrus 3.0 that replaces the Viewpoint Framework is aligned with ISO 42010


The Papyrus Industrial Consortium continues to federate the development efforts on Papyrus in addition to facilitate the coordination of the Papyrus developers community in order to meet industrial needs. 

This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen