Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative) 0.14.0 Oxygen

0.14.0 Oxygen


Many difficult QVTr issues have now been addressed but relation overriding and in-place transformation are not yet available.

The QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTp via QVTs to QVTi chain has evolved.

An optional graphical front end exploits Sirius to support UMLX with bidirectional conversion to QVTr.

A few QVTc, QVTr and UMLX examples work both using interpreted and code generated Java.

However the chain is not yet mature enough for more than experimental use; graduation to 1.0.0 must wait a little longer.

Architectural Issues

OMG QVT is an extension of OMG OCL, and Eclipse QVTd is an extension of Eclipse OCL. The re-used metamodels and Xtext grammars result in a very tight coupling between Eclipse QVTd and Eclipse OCL.

Security Issues


Non-Code Aspects

The build uses Buckminster on the OCL HIPP.

The run-time is compatible with Xtext2.9 and greater.

Usability Details

The Sirius and Xtext-based editors provide a conventional editing experience.

The transformation chain to support compilation is nominally available, but in a very preliminary state suitable only for researchers and experimenters.


End of Life

There are no specific end of life concerns for this release.


The QVTd newsgroup has a very low level of traffic (2 messages last year).

More messages occur by mistake on other newgroups.


This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen