Eclipse SmartMDSD™


Eclipse SmartMDSD™ will focus on model-driven tooling for service-oriented and component-based robotics software development (hence the project name). The main outcome in this project is the SmartMDSD Toolchain, an IDE for robotics software development.

  • SmartMDSD will mainly support the “SmartSoft Framework”, a service-oriented component-based framework for software development in service robotics. It also outreaches and supports ROS and OPC UA
  • SmartMDSD is conformant to the RobMoSys and SeRoNet approaches
  • Other infrastructure (e.g. meta-models, examples, etc.) will be hosted here as well.
  • Apart from examples, the project will not host robotics software components for composition. Due to the robotics ecosystem organization and separation of roles, these (open or closed-source) software components originate from vendor-specific repositories. The project focuses on (open) tooling for (open) structures to enable composition.
Name Date
3.19 2022-04-04
3.18 2021-12-15
3.17 2021-10-19
3.16 2021-03-09
3.15 2020-11-09
3.14 2020-07-30
Name Date
2022.01 Progress Review 2022-02-16
Creation Review 2019-12-18