Eclipse Xtext 2.8.0

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Version 2.8.0 of Xtext will come with over 180 bugfixes, significant perfromance improvements and many new features.

The most important features for Xtext are:

  • Semantic-Whitespace Support (Example Language)
  • New formatter API
  • First steps towards Eclipse independent IDE services (content assist)
  • Interruptable Builder
  • Optional persistence of computed resource state, for quicker reload
  • Optional Java 8 target (Lambdas, Default methods) (Xbase & Xtend)
  • Autoconversion of Java code to Xtend (Xtend)
  • Navigation beweeen generated code and Xtend source  
  • various performance improvements
  • many bugfixes (see bugzilla: )
Release Date: 
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
This release is part of Mars.
Release Type: 
Minor release