Eclipse VIATRA 2.0.0

The Photon release of the Eclipse VIATRA project. This release focuses on cleaning up old APIs and revisiting language defaults. In addition to that, a few language features are added to the query language to make it easier to work with, together with a set of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
This release is part of Eclipse Photon
Name Date Description
M1 2017/12/13 Together with Photon M4 (it will be decided later whether M4 will include the released version of 1.7.0 or the first milestone of 2.0).
M2 2018/02/01 For Photon M5
M3 2018/03/14 For Photon M6
M4 2018/05/16 For Photon M7