Eclipse VIATRA 2.0.0

Release Date
Name Date Description
M1 2017/12/13 Together with Photon M4 (it will be decided later whether M4 will include the released version of 1.7.0 or the first milestone of 2.0).
M2 2018/02/01 For Photon M5
M3 2018/03/14 For Photon M6
M4 2018/05/16 For Photon M7

Dependency update

VIATRA 2.0 will break compatibility with old versions of Java, Eclipse Platform, Xtext. Together with this step, usage for Guava will be reduced.

Query language updates

VIATRA 2.0 will include an updated version of the query language that will be easier to use and hopefully perform better in case of more complex metamodel definition. However, this language will not be backwards compatible with previous query definitions. The exact migration support will be decided later.
This release is part of Eclipse Photon