Eclipse JWT 1.7.0

Release Date

(unchanged since 1.3 release, see diagram of components there in slide 5)

JWT comprises the following components :

  • Metamodel, including the automated Converter of workflow models to newer version
  • Workflow Editor (WE), along with its Plugins (such as BPMN, UML-AD & EPC views but also helpers & documentation) and Conf (allows to define aspect oriented extensions to JWT metamodel and editor)
  • Transformations, to various other representations (Eclipse BPMN Editor), tools (Eclipse Mangrove, properties) and executable processes (XPDL, Bonita, jPDL)
  • Runtime : Runtime API and framework to help integrating JWT with any workflow server
  • Workflow Administration & Monitoring (WAM) : a workflow monitoring tool and the API it requires the workflow server to implement

(putting aside the "Releng" component for CBI & Maven Tycho-based automated build, which is infrastructure only and not in product)

More on the wiki and website.


This new JWT release will be fully backward-compatible with the previous version regarding all interfaces such as:

  • APIs
  • Eclipse workspace


  • All strings presented to users are externalized
  • Localizations are prebundled for English and German, further locales can be added (notably French) thanks to Eclipse Babel which has been integrated
Target Environments

JWT is tested the most on Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen) using JRE 1.8 and Linux Ubuntu 32 bits, but should work on other platforms.

Name Date Description
M4 2016/12/14
RC1 2017/05/24
RC2 2017/05/31
RC3 2017/06/07
RC4 2017/06/14
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen, Eclipse Photon