Eclipse Stardust 2.0.0 (Luna)

Release Date

The Deliverable for Stardust IPP will be unchanged compared to version 1.0. See for reference.


Stardust 2.0 will be fully backward-compatible with the 1.0 version regarding all interfaces such as:

  • APIs
  • Eclipse workspace
Name Date Description
M4 2013/12/18
M5 2014/01/29
M6 2014/03/12
M7 2014/05/07
RC1 2014/05/21
RC2 2014/05/28
RC3 2014/06/04
RC4 2014/06/11

Easier user access to runtime and system data (reporting, monitoring, diagnostics)

Improvements in the areas of browser based modeling and BPMN2 support

Support for new runtime platform versions

Multiple minor fixes and enhancements to improve overall stability and ease of use.

This release is part of Luna