Eclipse Stardust 2.0.0 (Luna)

2.0.0 (Luna)


The Stardust 2.0 Release, will emphasize enhancements in the following areas:

  • Easier user access to runtime and system data (reporting, monitoring, diagnostics)
  • Improvements in the areas of browser based modeling and BPMN2 support
  • Support for new runtime platform versions
  • Multiple minor fixes and enhancements to improve overall stability and ease of use.
API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

Project Stardust has a modular architecture strongly based on established Java technology standards and leveraging standard components wherever feasible (see the corresponding section of Graduation Review documentation for more information).

Stardust offers many hooks to extend and customize functionality by implementing Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs). See[1] , [2] and the examples given in [3].

Eclipse modeling functionality is heavily leveraging functionality provided by other eclipse projects, most notably EMF, GEF, WTP, BIRT, JST, JDT. Public APIs were used where possible. All residual usage of internal interfaces is documented in Bugzilla and will be reviewed in later releases (see references in Bug 402286).

Security Issues

No Security issues.

Non-Code Aspects

All currently present project, infrastructure and user documentation has been improved.

User documentation and general public descriptions:


  • Stardust is fully internationalized
  • All strings presented to users are externalized
  • We are pre-bundeling English and German localization files
  • Further locales can be added
  • We have extensively tests different locales, also with multibyte character encodings
  • Stardust is also available in the Babel project

Examples and Tutorials:

Articles and Presentations:

Social Media


Stardust is available on Amazon Web Services

Usability Details
  • All eclipse modeler UI components were designed and implemented in the spirit of the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
  • Usage of Stardust eclipse modeling functionality is facilitated by Cheat Sheets.
  • Browser portal and modeler functionality user interface is following similar principles but had to be adapted in some respects due to the technical requirements of html 5 components.
End of Life
  • We discontinued the dependency to Birt which was included in our reporting functionality. As an replacement we added a new stardust-web-reporting component to the product, for nice and easy creation of business process reporting.

The Stardust 2.0 release supports, is compliant with or is based on the following standards:

This release is part of Luna