Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure Maven Plugins 1.0.5

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Notable changes:

- Bug 412850 - Need mechanism to exclude signing inner jars
    Adds a new parameter excludeInnerJars to allow excluding inner jars
    from being signed.
- Bug 415554 - Only include the "Contents" folder for signing
    This commit modifies the signing to only include files and folders
    from the "" folder for singing. Only the "Contents"
    folder is relevant for Mac OS code signing. In some layouts the ".app"
    folder is the top-level folder containing additional resources such as
    plug-ins, etc. Those resources don't need to be signed. Thus, there is
    no need for them to be in the zip for signing.
- Bug 416258 - macsigner and winsigner baseSearchDir defaults
    Now simply searches ${}/products/ instead of
- Bug 417940 - Allow option to continueOnFail when signing
    Signing plugins will no longer fail the build if continueOnFail is
    enabled. Instead a WARNING message will be displayed in the output and
    the build will continue running. By default this new setting is set to
    "false" so the build will still fail with the setting unset.
    Configuration via Maven commandline:
    Configuration via pom.xml
Release Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2013
Release Type: 
Minor release