Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure Maven Plugins 1.1.3

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The release in a few words: more jarsigner options, deprecation of unqualified maven properties, a new DMG packager and a lot of refactoring for better unit testing

  • A lot of things have changed under the hood to provide better reliability and the plugins are now extensively tested. (See the Hudson build page for test results)
  • A new plugin has appeared thanks to Pascal Rapicault: the DMG packager. It gives you the possibility to package an OS X application as a DMG (Apple's .msi equivalent). Please note that this plugin is still in beta-stage, but feedback is more than welcome!
  • Three new options has been added to the jarsigner plugin (to fix bug 473402 and bug 483881):
  • Non qualified properties (e.g. -DcontinueOnFail) have been deprecated in favor of qualified properties (-Dcbi.jarsigner.continueOnFail) to avoid collision with other plugins. Non qualified properties are still supported, but they are implemented by parameter starting with deprecated. It should not changed anything for people who don't use user properties (i.e. '-D' on the maven command line). If you do, you will see a deprecation warning.
  • Documentation is available on the CBI website. You will see that documentation for a low-level plugin is now available
  • A standalone test server is available to help people debug jar signing locally, without the need to run builds on the Eclipse servers. Just download the latest Jar signing service jar and the latest associated tests jar and run the following command

    On Unix or similar

    java -cp /path/where/you/download/the/jars/jar-signing-service-VERSION.jar:/path/where/you/download/the/jars/jar-signing-service-VERSION-tests.jar TestServer

    On Windows

    java -cp C:\path\where\you\download\the\jars\jar-signing-service-VERSION.jar;C:\path\where\you\download\the\jars\jar-signing-service-VERSION-tests.jar TestServer

    It will print an URL (like http://localhost:3138/jarsigner) that you can add to your maven build (-Dcbi.jarsigner.signerUrl=http://localhost:3138/jarsigner) and it will sign your jars locally with a dummy certificate. You can pass --help to see the options you can give to the TestServer
Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Release Type: 
Service release (bug fixes only)