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By providing open-source tools for the BIRD project , the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools™ project hopes to remove barriers to understanding, contribution, trial, and adoption of the BIRD.

The artefacts produced by the European Central Bank's BIRD project are free and openly available and provided as a public good.

The BIRD project is described at… , a useful short video overview of the BIRD project is available at

The artifacts produced by the BIRD project are a standard input data model and a set of regulatory logic defined as business friendly transformations from the input data model into the values required to populate European regulatory reports.

The E.C.B BIRD project website states that BIRD is NOT an I.T. Tool. This project aims to fill that gap.

Latest Releases

From 2024-05-29 to 2023-02-24

Name Date Review
1.4.0 2024-05-29
1.3.0 2024-03-15
1.2.0 2023-07-03
1.1.0 2023-02-24
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