Eclipse Free BIRD Tools 1.1.0



This release has 4 goals:

1.) To enable the official BIRD data model to be transformed into the Ecore standard and XCore (a semantically equivalent human readable text version of Ecore)...thus enabling many existing open source tools and libraries (based on the Ecore standard) to work with BIRD.

2.) To allow for business friendly transformations on top of BIRD, following a defined language called RPMN which makes  use of cutdown versions of existing standards (SQL, BPMN), with visual and text tool support for RPMN.

3.) To allow for optional executable transformations, neatly isolated from (but traceable to) the business friendly transformations, where logic can be written and debugged in any modern OO language (such as Java or Python)

4.) To provide examples of FRTB  COREP transformations, and to semi-automate a port from existing Finrep 2.8 transformations in VTL into RPMN

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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