Eclipse e(fx)clipse™ 2.4.0



The release cycle was focused on implementing missing features for our Text-Editing-Framework so that the control is ready for commercial adoption.

The following features have been introduced

  • overloading and register custom text-actions (eg. triggering content assist on '.')
  • support for line-ruler actions eg to implement a debug-ruler
  • rule improvements to allow special syntax definitions for eg Ruby-String and Multi-Line comments
  • improve text-paritioning when using a rule-based engine to align with the Java-Editor in Eclipse
  • add support for Context-Informations (including presentation of HTML content)
  • add support for QuickLinks (CTRL+Click)
API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

The amount of time we had to spend to get StyledTextArea in the region of its SWT counter part was heavily underestimated and it took far more time to get rid of all the little details but we have now reached a state where it can be used in commercial applications.

Non-Code Aspects



Like for the last release we see more and more adoption of e(fx)clipse runtimes in commercial projects.

We've been presenting e(fx)clipse at 2 conferences:

  • EclipseCon US: 3h Tutorial on build e4 application on JavaFX and 30min talk about building smart editors with e(fx)clipse
  • JaxCon in Mainz: Presentation on our tooling and runtime platform

The newsgroup is seeing a steady flow of questions who are once more answered all - none was left behind

This release is part of Neon