Eclipse EGerrit

The purpose of this project is to provide a set of Eclipse plug-ins that provide code review capabilities in the Eclipse IDE.

  • Feature parity with the Gerrit 2.9 web front-end
  • Future proof integration via RESTful web services interface
  • Java Based
  • Traction around a code review-centric Eclipse plug-in
  • A dashboard connecting any number of Gerrit servers that displays reviews based on configurable search pattern
  • Tabs that organize and manipulate information relevant to selected review and enables feature parity with Gerrit web
  • Compare editors that feature in-line editing to enable comment editing and navigation
  • Full compatibility with Gerrit web
  • A foundation for model review within Eclipse
  • Eclipse EGerrit improves the programmer's efficiency by keeping her/him in a single IDE without having to switch to a web browser while performing code review.
This project is part of Neon, Eclipse Oxygen
Latest Releases

From 2017-10-25 to 2015-10-30

Name Date Review 2017-10-25
1.4.0 (Oxygen) 2017-06-28
1.3.0 (Neon.3) 2017-03-23
1.2.0 (Neon.2) 2016-12-21
1.1.0 (Neon.1) 2016-09-28
1.0.0 (Neon) 2016-06-22 2015-10-30
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