Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 3.5.0

New Features

Interactive Rebase View

  • Make commit order in the interactive rebase view configurable
  • Add context menu for plan modification
  • Allow to move multiple commits by drag & drop

Stash Support

  • Add "Stashes" menu to Team context menu and toolbar
  • Add stash commit viewer
  • Optimize layouts of Commit and Stash Viewer

History View

  • Add support for cherry-picking multiple commits at once.
  • Use separate diff viewer instead of embedding into message
  • Add menu action for deleting tags
  • Support searching for branches/tags with find toolbar
  • Track renamed paths and provide to actions
  • Enable Create Patch for first commit in the history view
  • Add support for reverting multiple commits at once


  • Offer interactive and preserve merges options when selecting rebase target
  • Github connector: PullRequest supports the review_comments field


Usability Improvements

Expose important actions in additional menus

  • Add team menu on working sets
  • Add "Repository" submenu in Team menu of files and folders
  • Add "Show Annotations" to ruler menu of revision editor

Sorting of lists

  • Repositories View
    • Sort tags in natural order
    • Sort folders before files in working dir
  • Staging view: sort content by name if file names are shown first

Commit Dialog

  • Add "Select for Commit" to files context menu
  • Replace help button with link to Staging view


  • Show a rebase result dialog if cherry-picking fails.
  • Provide more context in cherry-pick confirmation dialog


  • Improve simple push wizard
  • Simple push wizard links to advanced push wizard
  • When "Commit and Push" opens a wizard, use simple push wizard
  • Push Branch: Don't suggest branch name of local upstream branch
  • Assist in Push dialog and allow to push to custom refs
  • Reverse src/dest order of push result dialog

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of staging view on large repositories / working directories
  • In staging view don't reload repository on selection if current repository is same as selected
  • Use faster method of setting styles for commit message viewer


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