Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 3.6.0




History View

  • New context menu "import changed projects" to import projects changed in the selected commit

Repositories View

  • Add "Open With" menu for workspace files

Staging View

  • Checkout ours/theirs for files having conflicts

GitHub Connector

  • No new features

Usability Improvements

  • Handle symlink icon in staging view
  • Add new wizard banners
  • Improved icons for remote commands
  • Link Interactive Rebase view with selected repository
  • Show branch name and status besides repository in Git Staging view
  • In the History view timestamps are now displayed in local time


  • Add tracing for selection handling
  • Register dynamic tracing options on tracing preference page

Release Engineering and Build

  • Update Tycho to 0.21
  • Add target platform for Mars using Orbit S-build

Fix for vulnerability CVE-2014-9390

The patches fixing CVE-2014-9390 released in JGit 3.4.2 and 3.5.3 are also included in 3.6.0.