Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 4.1.0



Merge Strategy Extension Point

Introduce a merge strategy extension point which allows to plugin custom merge strategies. This will be used by EMF Compare to add support for merging models.

Staging View and Commit Dialog

  • Add check for build warnings and errors before commit. Optionally block commit if there are any problems reported
  • Make warning for non-empty second line of commit message optional
  • Consider initial selection in Staging View
  • Improve Staging View to remember position of its components
  • Introduce compare mode for Git Staging View similar to History View

History View

  • Rewrite CommitMessageViewer to use JFace
  • Simplify hyperlink syntax coloring
  • Use standard hyperlink link colors

Repositories View

  • Decorate repository in Repositories View if working tree is dirty
  • Use decoration color to render dirty decorator in repositories view
  • Improve sorting of nodes in Repositories View

Other Enhancements

  • Auto-configure Gerrit after ssh clone
  • Add "Compare with/Replace with" actions to ResourceMappings
  • Use the default repository folder when importing Team project sets
  • Consider initial selection in Interactive Rebase view

Gitflow Support

  • Allow changing branch names when initializing a Gitflow repository
  • Add icon decorations to identify gitflow repositories
  • Allow changing the commit message during feature finish with squash option
  • Implement squash and keep branch options for feature finish

Performance Improvements

  • Do not iterate over all staged view entries if not needed
  • Add default limit for number of shown diff lines in history

Release Engineering and Build

  • Update swtbot to 2.3.0
  • Update org.apache.httpcomponents used by JGit to 4.3
  • Stabilize unstable UI tests
  • Add Gitflow UI tests
  • Enable NPE analysis in EGit