Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 4.4


  • Use SmartImport API from Platform UI to provide smart project import in EGit
  • "Push to Gerrit" wizard: add a way to define a topic when pushing to Gerrit
  • Add "Open in Commit Viewer" in context menu of stashed commit
  • Allow deletion of branch hierarchy nodes in Repositories View
  • Handle linked resources in the same repository if link target is not in a project
  • Add accelerators for "Compare With" and "Replace With" commands
  • Remove duplicate rename branch dialog


  • New convenience commands to compare/replace with Gitflow develop branch
  • Checkout feature dialog: mark current feature-branch and prevent attempted re-checkout
  • Added "commitId" and "last commit message" columns to Gitflow feature branch selection widget


  • Add missing attributes to CommitComment
  • Fix auto-filled issue task URL


  • Make sure we only allow one GitHistoryPageSource instance


  • Mark branding plugin and gitflow plugin as singletons
  • Include missing extension point schemas in EGit binaries
  • Update to findbugs 3.0.3 for Java 8 support


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Minor release
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