Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 4.6


  • Add hyperlinks to unified Diff Viewer to enable opening
    • Open the previous version in an editor
    • Open the workspace version (if it exists) in an editor
    • Open "this" version (i.e., the “current” one of the diff) in an editor
    • Open a two-way diff between the previous and this version in a compare editor
  • Turn the DiffEditorPage used to display unified diffs into a real TextEditor. This enables many standard text editor actions like "Find" or "Go to line".

  • Add an outline view for the diff tab of the Commit Viewer and enable text editor toolbar items
  • Handle rebase modes 'preserve' and 'interactive' in EGit
  • Introduce GitSynchronizer for logical model support
  • Make auto-staging of files being moved configurable
  • Make auto-staging of files being deleted configurable

  • Compare/ReplaceWithPrevious support for multiple resources (in mappings)

Usability Improvements

  • Show accurate progress reports for pull
  • Use "Revision Information" label in preferences and update job
  • Hide warning when reconfiguring upstream from local to remote branch
  • Suppress the "Interactive rebase has been prepared" dialog
  • Give focus to commit message when auto-staging is enabled
  • More configurable date formatting
  • Improve listing in "Report Bug or Enhancement" dialog
  • Use "Show Revision Information" instead of "Show Annotations"
  • Save and restore previously selected reset type
  • Show Git Staging view in Git Repositories view's Show In menu
  • Improve search implementation in RepositorySearchDialog

Performance Improvements

  • Fix that click on search result caused EGit to stat the repository directory

Build and Release Engineering

  • Change EGit minimum execution environment to JavaSE-1.8
  • Change EGit Github Client's minimum execution environment to JavaSE-1.8
  • Add Oxygen target platform, remove target platforms older than Mars
  • Automatic Oomph Developer Setup
    • Add branding
    • Activate Change-Id
    • Update Oomph egit setup
    • Enforce UTF8 encoding of workspace


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