Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.2.0


  • 520927 Include the Apache MINA ssh client. 
    • Add a preference in the main Git preference page to select between JSch and the new Apache MINA sshd client.
    • Make the proxy service accessible in the EGit core activator, and use it in a ProxyDataFactory in the EGitSshdSessionFactory.
    • Re-load keys whenever they are needed, and use the Eclipse secure storage for key passphrases
  • 539755 [gitflow] Honor gitflow.feature.start.fetch=true

Usability improvements

  • Move "Copy path" to end of staging view context menu
  • 541312 Change LoginDialog default button label
  • Add "ssh" keyword to main git preference page
  • 540769 Keywords for all git preference pages
  • 540781 Avoid superfluous separator in switch to menu
  • 540695 Use verbs for button lables in StashDropCommand/Handler confirmation dialog
  • 541267 More icons in staging view context menu
  • 541288 Unify spelling of SSH/ssh
  • 540998 Reflog & staging view: react when a compare editor becomes active
  • CommitMessageViewer: more consistent order of context menu entries
  • 539799 Staging view: simplify handling of initial selection
  • Reflog view: simplify initial selection setting
  • 540245 Add select and copy menu to commit message viewer
  • 539799 Have an initially selected repository in Reflog View
  • 540752 Implement ICommonLabelProvider in RepositoryTreeNodeLabelProvider
  • ConfigureGerritAfterCloneTask - relax matching Gerrit version
  • Fetch from Gerrit: handle double-click in repo selection dialog
  • 507733 Fetch from Gerrit: if no repository, let the user select one
  • 538108 Use verbs for dialog buttons instead of OK
  • 539723 Enable "show in history" for staged deleted files
  • 539553 Indent history table columns
  • 539859 Add icon for "reset" entry in reflog
  • 539453 Disable "Copy Commit Id" on empty selection
  • Add support for multi repository selection for switching branches
  • 539358 Restrict size of branch deletion confirmation
  • 538907 Link to Team Synchronize perspective
  • 538844 Unify order of branch context menu items
  • 538907 Git perspective improvements
    • improve view ratio for repository view
    • have history view as first view in bottom stack, not properties
    • add view shortcut to git perspective: git repositories view
    • add new shortcut to git perspective to open new repository wizard
    • add new action set for git search
    • enable search action set in git perspective
    • enable search action set when one of the git relevant views/parts is active (in any perspective)
    • add Synchronize view to action set part associations for both git related action sets

Performance Improvements

  • Improve performance of expand/collapse nodes in staging view
  • ReflogView: update only for ref changes in current repository
  • 540548 Parallelize multi-repository pull
  • 540487 Do not trigger JDT UI init in Activator.start()
  • 540028 Improve file diff table performance in history for many files
  • Perform multi branch checkout operations as a single eclipse job

Bug Fixes

  • 541793 Consider the default scope in the SshPreferencesMirror
  • 541793 Use default ssh keys if none configured in preferences.
  • 541752 Avoid triggering unintended commands
  • 540540 Prevent exception in RepositoryAction
  • 541233 Use custom JobGroup for PullOperation to avoid cancellation of other pulls if one pull terminates with error
  • 536313 Avoid identical entries in history view history
  • 540990 Fix preference page for git label decorations
  • 540747 Fix editor context menu Team > Show in Repository
  • 540249 Do not show apply and default buttons in git statistics
  • 534615 Fix NPE when navigating history to deleted repository
  • 533555 Workaround for empty staging viewer after selection
  • 540427 SmartImportGitWizard: don't let the user select bare repositories
  • GitSelectRepositoryPage: fix broken layout
  • Fixed: Gitflow ignores configured timeout
  • 539744 Avoid exception in Git Sharing Wizard
  • 539095 Do not use internal API to get IProject from TemplateContext
  • 539046 Fix StackOverflowError in RefSpecPanel.isValidRefExpression
  • 538971 Normalize default repository directory
  • 385393 More null checks in GitResourceVariantTreeSubscriber
  • 540754 Github client: Fix editing issues: correct milestone attribute type
  • Github client: [releng] Fix deprecated ViewerSorter usage

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update to Orbit 2018-12 RC1
  • [releng] Remove obsolete package imports for org.mockito.runners
  • Fix Mockito deprecation warnings
  • Update Ant to 1.10.5
  • Update mockito to 2.13.0
  • Update org.objenesis to 2.6.0.v20180420-1519
  • 541008 Have test base classes in new plugin for better reuse
  • Activated FindBugs for GitFlow UI
  • Update staging target platform for eclipse platform 4.10
  • New target platform for 4.9
  • Releng: Store all project settings explicitly
  • 539933 Decorate test sources with a different icon in Eclipse
  • Fix Mylyn commit message template
  • [oomph] Update API baselines
  • Github client: 
    • Implement explicit target platform
    • [releng] Store all project properties explicitly
    • Add Mylyn commit message template
    • Cleanup github pom.xml
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2018-12