Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.3.0


  • 491169 Allow to sign commits
  • 522245 Enable "Show Whitespace" for Java comparisons with editable index
  • 541278 Provide "Show in System Explorer" on working tree nodes
  • 542547 Switch SSH default from JSch to Apache MINA sshd
  • EGit Github API: Implement list tags API for repository
  • EGit Github API: Implement delete reference, tag and branch
  • EGit Github API: Implement merging API for repository
  • 541603 EGit GitHubClient: enable using a proxy

Usability Improvements

  • 539888 Add icon to all "Copy commit Id" menus
  • Add repository source selection to clone cheat sheet
  • 544801 Use date format preferences for branch proposal tooltip
  • 544771 Sort branches naturally in commit viewer and commit info
  • 544517 Improve grouping context menu items for
  • [history] Handle workspace and non-workspace files alike for compare on double-click
  • Use commit wizard banner in commit dialog
  • 544277 Align onboarding text in repositories view top left
  • 543495 Make merge viewers react better on outside changes
  • Use more natural and case insensitive sorting
  • Display more icons in egit menu items
  • 544414 Show full branch name in status bar
  • 541813 Set initial focus for empty remote configuration
  • Remove empty layout column from wizard page RepositoryLocationPage
  • 543897 New Git Repo wizard should have a description
  • 541813 Style read-only text field like a label in the SimpleConfigure{Fetch|Push}Dialog
  • 540813 Open compare editor in background
  • Add icon for "Merge tool" context menu item
  • Vertically align components in dialogs
  • 542710 Improve wording of Running launch warning
  • 542535 Add icon for GPG signing
  • Show stash message in stash deletion confirmation
  • 543897 EGit Github: Wizards shall have a description

Performance Improvements

  • 545077 Improve staging area refresh performance
  • 544600 Don't trigger decorations for getting an image of a RepositoryTreeNode
  • 544512 Avoid excessive pruning in RepositoryCache
  • 544237 CommitFileDiffViewer: improve performance for huge commits
  • 544404 Avoid traversing git history for added files
  • Use PathFilterGroup where possible instead of or-ed PathFilters
  • Replace FileInputStream and FileOutputStream with static Files methods
  • 542513 Staging view: calculate the full title text in the background

Bug Fixes

  • FetchGerritChangePage: don't auto-fill if user typed
  • 544988 Fix NullPointerException in DeleteBranchDialog.refNameFromDialog
  • 544990 Fix NullPointerException in MoveProjectsLabelProvider.getColumnText
  • 544989 Fix NullPointerException in StagingView.getSelectionOfPart
  • 544966 Fix NullPointerException in Repository.resolve
  • Fix NullPointerException in DeleteBranchCommand.execute
  • 544671 [history] Prevent NPE in GenerateHistoryJob
  • 544965 Prevent NPE in MergeResultDialog
  • 544755 Refresh repositories view after clean command
  • 525067 Rebase interactive view: consistent continue/skip/abort enablement
  • 544772 Fix NullPointerException in RemoveCommand.findProjectsToDelete
  • 544770 Fix NullPointerException in Repository.shortenRefName
  • Avoid NPE on File.list() return values
  • 544395 Always compute enablement of Merge Tool action.
  • 544180 Don't create a PathFilterGroup if any of the paths is empty
  • 538881 Handle invalid repository search path
  • 543783 Minor rephrasing of confirmation message for "Replace with HEAD"
  • 543855 EGit should respect the SSH2 home directory from the preferences
  • 543579 Check for signing key before committing
  • 522245 Merge editor: enable "Show Whitespace", and fix after c73325de
  • 543557 Fix AIOOBE in CommitMessageComponentStateManager
  • Fix path related failing tests on Windows
  • 541233 Log nested exceptions when canceling pull operation
  • 542832 Prevent NPE in CompareTreeView
  • Clear reference to repository when staging view is disposed
  • 542446 Ref name validation: test for the exact name
  • Recognize reset in reflog entries and show icon
  • Clear password of crypto API after usage

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update Orbit to R20190226160451
  • Delete egit-4.5 target platform
  • Add 4.11-staging target platform
  • 544121 Update and improve README
  • 541072 Update Jetty to 9.4.14
  • Update org.apache.httpcomponents.httpcore to 4.4.10.v20190123-2214
  • Update org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient.source to 4.5.6.v20190123-2215
  • Update org.bouncycastle.bcpg to 1.60.0.v20181210-2057
  • Update org.bouncycastle.pkix to 1.60.0.v20181210-2057
  • Update org.bouncycastle.prov to 1.60.0.v20181210-2057
  • 491169 Add Bouncycastle to Target Platform
  • Update org.tukaani.xz to 1.8.0.v20180207-1613
  • Upgrade Tycho to 1.3
  • Update spotbugs to 3.1.11
  • Avoid jobs still running at test shutdown
  • Replace deprecated ProjectDescription.getLocation
  • Simplify context menu actions in CommitFileDiffViewer
  • Simplify content change notifications in EditableRevision
  • Use StructuredViewer#getStructuredSelection in Git Staging view
  • Fix TPD in Oomph setup
  • 542549 [oomph] Update API baselines
  • Define top-level Eclipse project

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-03