Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.4.0


  • 462509 History: show whitespace in the diff viewer
  • 362907 History: new operation in CommitFileDiffViewer to check out files from a commit
  • 546869 Handle delete-modify conflicts in staging view
  • 540003 Add filters to Git Repositories View
  • 544981 Add "Show in > Reflog" for branch nodes in Repositories View
  • Github client: Add RepositoryService#deleteRepository

Usability Improvements

  • 462784 Preferences: improve order of git config tabs
  • 544983 Shorten SHA1 in editor title
  • 546194 Only warn about losing changes if there are changes at all
  • 544984 Always use 7 characters for short SHA1
  • Ensure warning is shown if blocking commit is enabled
  • 545471 Unify duplicate checkout conflicts dialogs
  • 545273 Double click fetch nodes to invoke operation
  • Use an icon for the Stashes menu
  • Add a description for the Git perspective.
  • Use an icon for "Column Layout" in staging view
  • 545257 Sort branches in branch deletion dialog
  • 544928 Don't show whitespace in read-only text fields

Performance Improvements

  • 545260 Asynchronous branch content assist in PullWizardPage
  • 545996 Improve performance of blocking commit button

Bug Fixes

  • 547642 Commit editor and info builder: use progress callback for RevWalkUtils to allow user cancel long running operations and see progress.
  • 547575 Fix IllegalStateException when clearing credentials
  • 547434 Get rid of the RebasePlanIndexer to fix NPE in RebasePlanIndexer
  • 547110 Minor re-organization of FileRevisionEditorInput moving the temp files into the plugin's state location instead of using /tmp.
  • 546750 Register progress icons from UI thread
  • 546329 Make o.e.debug.ui plugin truly optional
  • 546387 Fix merge dialog shortcut conflicts
  • Remove jdt.core.launch from dependencies
  • 545471 Reset only conflicting paths in a checkout conflict
  • 544993 Fix NPE in CommitDragSourceListener.getSelectedCommit
  • 545031 Unify "Apply Stash", "Revert", "Cherry-Pick", "Checkout", "Create Tag...", "Create Branch" and  "Show in History" commands and remove unused command ID for "Delete Stash..." to fix keybindings
  •  Unify "Cherry-Pick" commands
  • 534616 Gitflow: Validate branch name only different in case to fix failing "Start feature branch"
  • 544991 Fix NPE in ConfigurationEditorComponent$2.isValid
  • Github client: hookId must be long according to RepositoryHook#getId

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update to Orbit R20190602212107
  • 546138 Remove the "publish" maven profile
  • 541425 Update Apache MINA sshd client to 2.2.0
  • Use latest CBI license feature
  • 546130 Update target platforms to include JSch 0.1.55
  • Upgrade Tycho to 1.4.0
  • Silence PDE warning "not all packages exported"
  • Upgrade jdt preferences
  • Tycho repository build: specify execution environment
  • 545906 Add dependency from source to binary feature
  • Update & cycle API baselines in Oomph setup
  • Convert target platform to simple POM project
  • Integrate the smart import wizard fragment into the EGit UI bundle
  • Set minimum versions of dependencies to the ones from Neon.0
  • Handle expected value in property testers
  • Use UTF-8 with maven-resources-plugin
  • Update Maven plugins
  • Tycho repository build: specify execution environment
  • 545432 Rename update site to "EGit Update Site"
  • Fix to update version of o.e.j.ssh.apache feature
  • Require Mylyn 3.21 (Neon+)
  • Github: Fix --snapshot to update jgit and egit versions


Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-06