Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.7.0




  • 558980 Provide a public adapter factory for IHistoryPageSource. This facilitates third-party bundles showing a git history determined by objects unknown to EGit.
  • 550673 [repo view] Add compare commands. Allow comparing two branches/tags as in the history view, using the older commit as base.
  • 558561 Create branch from repository group
  • [diff editor] Enable "Save As..." on unified diffs
  • 544510 [rebase interactive view] Add "Show Unified Diff" command
  • 544510 [reflog view] Add "Show Unified Diff" command
  • 544510 [history view] Add a new "Show Unified Diff" command
  • 544510 Make the job to compute a unified diff in the background public
  • 544510 Extract a stand-alone DiffEditor
  • 544510 Eliminate NestedContentOutlinePage
  • 544510 Extract DiffEditorInput
  • 558561 Switch branch from repository group
  • 558561 Pull from repository group
  • 451817 CommitMessageEditorDialog: allow clients to specify button labels
  • 345466 CommitSelectionDialog: Offer search functionality
  • 558649 Github client: Milestone creation needs a special DTO

Usability Improvements

  • 553501 [repo view] Expand repository group when a repository is assigned
  • 441940 Dynamic label for Push to/Fetch from Upstream
  • 560410 Sort files case insensitive in diff editor and outline
  • [history] Icon for "Compare with Each Other"
  • [repo view] Border for inline renaming of groups
  • Shorten cancel the commit message
  • 558538 Gitflow start operations should support branch name normalization.
  • [ref filters] Keyboard activation for editing filters
  • 553841 [repo view] Simpler refresh, better decorator setup, simpler listeners
  • 558003 Make "Updating file differences of commit..." a system job

Performance Improvements

  • 560528 Startup: Call FS.FileStoreAttributes.setBackground directly to avoid loading unnecessary FS related classes
  • 546455 [repo view] Single Ref cache for content provider and decorator

Bug Fixes

  • 493952 Fix: Gitflow Publish is silent on failure.
  • 558496 [repo view] Work-around for SWT regression on GTK
  • [ref filters] Prevent exception on canceling the dialog
  • 558336 Fix false positive Error on Gitflow Branch Creation.
  • 558360 Staging View: fix title label updates
  • 558323 [deco cache] Reset BranchStatus cache on ConfigChangedEvent
  • [repo view] Re-set uiTask to null atomically when run
  • 558012 Fix parent of LoginDialog

Build and Release Engineering

  • 559533 Use 2 GB heap in Egit Oomph setup
  • Add 4.14 and 4.15-staging target platforms
  • Update Orbit to R20200224183213 for 2020-03
  • [releng] Update year in copyright notices for features & branding
  • 560438 Add Orbit version used in target platform to EGit repository
  • 559526 Replaced TokenizedPattern from ant with PathMatcher from jgit. This allows us to remove dependency from egit.ui to org.apache.ant bundle.
  • Oomph setup: filter jgit.benchmarks and jgit.coverage from import
  • Speed up target resolution in Maven builds
  • Update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.2.0
  • Update maven-enforcer-plugin to 3.0.0-M3
  • Update maven-pmd-plugin to 3.12.0
  • Update spotbugs-maven-plugin to 3.1.12
  • Replace deprecated junit assertion methods with hamcrest
  • Update jboss tycho-plugins repository-utils to 1.5.1
  • Update to Tycho 1.6.0
  • Update javaewah to 1.1.7.v20200107-0831
  • Update org.apache.commons.codec to 1.13.0.v20200108-0001
  • Update org.apache.commons.compress to 1.19.0.v20200106-2343
  • Update org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient to 4.5.10.v20200114-1512
  • Update org.apache.httpcomponents.httpcore to 4.4.12.v20200108-1212
  • Upgrade jetty to 9.4.25.v20191220
  • Upgrade project properties to 2019-12 format
  • Update jetty to 9.4.24.v20191120
  • Add Mylyn project properties to gitflow projects
  • [oomph] Remove unrecognized XML attributes and elements
  • [oomph] Update and cycle API baselines
  • [tests] List directory contents if a directory cannot be deleted

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2020-03