Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 6.2.0

New Features

  • 552838 Add support for external diff and merge tools in EGit

    - Allow use of external diff/merge tools defined in git attributes

    - Add EGit preferences for external diff tools per file extension

    - Fixed reading config for diff or merge tool, externalized strings
  • 411219 [staging] Push options for "Commit & Push"
  • 579292 Use core.commentChar when editing commit messages

Usability Improvements

  • 579477 [team menu] Same separator as in the Git Repositories view
  • 579477 [team menu] Same item order as in the Git Repositories view
  • 579477 [fetch pr] Relax remote URI pattern
  • [repo view] Improve tag node decoration in special cases

Performance Improvements

  • 579284 [staging] Avoid unnecessary work when commit message text changes
  • 579053 Speed up showing fetch results

Bug fixes

  • Fix capitalization of GitHub and GitLab
  • org.eclipse.egit.ui.test: add missing dependency to org.slf4j
  • 579964 Decoration Calculation may interrupt UI thread
  • 579550 Initialize the GpgSigner early on
  • 579575 Fix NumberFormatException during "EGit Hidden Resources Clean-up"
  • 579356 [blame] Avoid NPE when updating the blame when HEAD changes
  • 579520 [staging] Fix layout for commit message warning label
  • 579353 [repo view] Handle active part change in "Open in editor"
  • 579487 [ssh] Avoid NPE in SSH agent preferences
  • [squash] Ensure message is cleaned even if dialog is canceled
  • [commit viewer] Use read-only text areas for the commit messages
  • 579287 [push] PushResultTable: use a read-only text area
  • 552686 Fix blocking during branch rename
  • Fix "Push to Upstream" for push.default=matching

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update orbit to R20220531185310
  • Update net.i2p.crypto.eddsa to 0.3.0.v20220506-1020
  • Update org.bouncycastle.bcpg to 1.70.0.v20220507-1208
  • Update org.bouncycastle.bcprov to 1.70.0.v20220507-1208
  • Update com.jcraft.jzlib to 1.1.3.v20220502-1820
  • Update javax.activation to jakarta.activation 1.2.2.v20201119-1642
  • Update javax.xml.bind to jakarta.xml.bind 2.3.3.v20201118-1818
  • Update org.apache.log4j to 1.2.19.v20220208-1728
  • Update Tycho to 2.7.3
  • Add target platform for eclipse 4.23 (2022-03)
  • Refer to target platform as file
  • Introduce RepositoryCommitOpener to reduce duplicate code

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2022-06