Eclipse Handly™ 0.1

Release Date

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.


This will be the first release of Handly.

Target Environments

This release will target Eclipse Luna as the recommended configuration, but will also be compatible with Kepler releases. Xtext 2.5 is the minimum requirement for Handly Xtext integration. Handly requires Java 6 and has no operating system specific dependencies.

Name Date Description
Final 2014/06/25

Lay the Groundwork

The most important goal of this release is to get the project established at the Eclipse Foundation, to make the initial contribution and to start taking advantage of the available infrastructure.
  • Handly Initial Contribution [430177] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Project structure re-factoring [432973] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Move to Xtext 2.5 [433132] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Use Eclipse-SourceReference headers [434160] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Update build to tycho 0.20.0 [432282] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Add jar signing support for build [432419] (target milestone: 0.1)
  • Hudson build job [433138] (target milestone: 0.1)
No items.