Eclipse Handly 0.6 Release Review

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Eclipse Handly 0.6 release is an incremental improvement of the entirely new design introduced in Handly 0.5, with special emphasis on facilities for non-breaking API evolution and support for non-local file systems and files external to the Eclipse workspace. Besides quite a few revisions through the whole spectrum of the core API, new features include a context API (499220), an API for the model object (500653), and a notification manager API (505777).

New and Noteworthy
Migration Guide

Architectural Issues: 

There is no declared API in this release as both the API and the API policy may still evolve before the 1.0 release.

That being said, this release is heavily focused on API quality and takes another significant step further towards finalizing core Handly APIs.

Due to the API rework involved, there are breaking changes that existing clients will need to accommodate to. We'll guide early adopters through the necessary migration steps.

Non-Code Aspects: 

We still have a PMI-based website [1], CBI-based build [2], an architectural overview [3], the contributor guide [4], committer FAQ [5], and a number of exemplary implementations including a basic Xtext-based example and a more advanced Java model example (Handly Examples).

All existing artifacts are kept up-to-date. The architectural overview reflects the still current (at the time of this writing) 0.5 version and will be updated once Handly 0.6 is released.

Also available is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Handly [6] (hosted on GitHub and made available under the EPL v1.0), which has enjoyed some encouraging feedback from early adopters. Based on the still current (at the time of this writing) 0.5 version, it will be updated to take advantage of Handly 0.6 shortly after the release.

We will also provide a migration guide for current adopters in the time leading to this release.


All discussion happens on open channels of developer mailing list [1], adopter forum [2] and bugzilla [3]. The project lead's blog posts on topics surrounding Handly [4] are syndicated to Planet Eclipse.

We make it a point to promptly inform our community about ensuing changes in the API [5-7]. To provide existing adopters with an opportunity to give it an early try, leave feedback or raise concerns, a milestone build (corresponding to an attempt at API freeze towards this release) was made available [8].

Despite its incubation status, the project is known to be successfully used in two large-scale commercial products [9].