Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 5.1.13



Monitoring enhancements

  • 553573 WindowCache: add metric for cached bytes per repository
  • 553573 WindowCache: add option to use strong refs to reference ByteWindows

    Set core.packedGitUseStrongRefs = true to enable using strong references to reference packfile pages cached in the WindowCache. If this option is set Java gc can no longer flush the WindowCache to free memory if the used heap comes close to the maximum heap size. On the other hand this provides more predictable performance.
  • 553573 Enhance WindowCache statistics
  • Add config constants for WindowCache configuration options

Performance improvements

  • Replace usage of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in treewalk

Bug Fixes

  • Fix string format parameter for invalidRefAdvertisementLine
  • pgm daemon: fallback to user and system config if no config specified
  • SshSupport#runSshCommand: don't throw exception in finally block

Build and Release Engineering

  • Don't override already managed maven-compiler-plugin version
  • Remove duplicate ignore_optional_problems entry in .classpath
  • Update maven-site-plugin used by benchmark module to 3.8.2
  • Add dependency to enable site generation for benchmark module
  • Bazel: Use java_plugin and java_binary from @rules_java in jmh.bzl
  • Fix benchmark pom.xml to include distribution managment config
  • Run JMH benchmarks using bazel
  • Benchmark for creating files and FileSnapshots
  • Implement benchmark for looking up FileStore of a given Path
  • JMH benchmark for SimpleLruCache

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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