Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 5.1.8




The following features were implemented to help fixing 546891:

  • Extend FileSnapshot for packfiles to also use checksum to detect changes
  • Optionally wait opening new packfile until it can't be racy anymore. If pack.waitPreventRacyPack = true (default is false) and packfile size > pack.minSizePreventRacyPack (default is 100 MB) wait after a new packfile was written and before it is opened until it cannot be racy anymore.
  • Include filekey file attribute (inode on *nix filesystems) when comparing FileSnapshots
  • Measure file timestamp resolution used in FileSnapshot

Bug Fixes

  • 546891 Fix performance degradation introduced with bug fix for 546190
  • Fix FileSnapshot's consideration of file size
  • ObjectDirectory: fix closing of obsolete packs

Build and Release Engineering

  • Enhance fsTick() to use filesystem timer resolution
  • Add debug trace to measure time needed to open pack index
  • Tune max heap size for tests
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