Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 6.2.0

New Features

  • 552840 Teach JGit to handle external diff/merge tools defined in .gitattributes
  • 356832 Support external diff and merge tools, see

    - Adapt diff- and merge tool code for PGM and EGit usage

    - Add availability check of pre-defined tools

    - Add filtering with help of DirCacheCheckout.getContent()

    - Add mergetool merge feature (execute external tool)

    - Add command line support for "git mergetool"

    - Add config reader for user-defined mergetools

    - Add difftool compare feature (execute external tool)
  • 571390 [sshd] Better user feedback on authentication failure
  • Fetch: Introduce negative refspecs.
  • 579325 Use git config core.commentChar when committing, creating merge conflict messages and creating and editing squash messages.
  • 579325 CommitConfig: add support for core.commentChar
  • 546567 [push, lfs] Tell the pre-push hook whether the push is a dry run

Performance Improvements

  • 577948 RewriteGenerator: Fully buffering of input is no longer necessary
  • 578020 Lazy loading of .lfsconfig

Bug Fixes

  • Fix connection leak for smart http connections
  • 579445 Remove stray files (probes or lock files) created by background threads
  • 579676 HTTP Smart: set correct HTTP status on error
  • 579550 De-couple ServiceLoader calls from class loading
  • 579550 GpgSigner: prevent class lock inversion on the default signer
  • CommitCommand: call GpgSigner.getDefault() only if indeed signing
  • DirCacheCheckout: use a LinkedHashMap instead of HashMap. This guarantees that updates are checked out in git order, which is important for LFS if a .lfsconfig file is used
  • 579116 Re-try reading a file when there are concurrent writes and the filesystem does not support atomic rename
  • 575629 [sideband] Ensure last bit of progress channel is written
  • 544769 LsRemoteCommand: apply url.*.insteadOf to ensure remote URI is translated if used without repository

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update orbit to R20220531185310
  • Update com.jcraft.jzlib to 1.1.3.v20220502-1820
  • Update net.i2p.crypto.eddsa to 0.3.0.v20220506-1020
  • Update org.bouncycastle.bcpg to 1.70.0.v20220507-1208
  • Update  org.bouncycastle.bcprov to 1.70.0.v20220507-1208
  • Update Tycho to 2.6.0
  • Avoid warning "no explicit project encoding"
  • Add target platforms for eclipse 4.23 (2022-03) and 4.24 (2022-06)
  • Refer to target platform as file
  • 576165 Add GetRefsBenchmark for testing refs lookups
  • LFS: clean up messages

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2022-06