Eclipse JNoSQL 0.0.5

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Communication API:

  • check the integrity of the conditions in and between

Communications Drivers

  • Couchbase fixes TTL behavior in document
  • Couchbase fixes TTL behavior in key-value
  • Couchbase keeps the behavior when key is not found
  • Couchbase Fixes the JSON structure when a document is saved
  • Couchbase Fixes JSON structures in key-value structures
  • OrientDB fixes live query
  • OrientDB fixes live query with Map param
  • OrientDB fixes delete query without parameters
  • OrientDB fixes query with not condition
  • OrientDB fixes sort of query
  • OrientDB fixes pagination resource
  • OrientDB improves callback in live query
  • MongoDB fixes queries with "in" condition
  • Redis improves SortedSet with clear method
  • Cassandra optimizes query with underscore
  • Cassandra fixes query with condition "in"
  • Cassandra fixes UDT
  • ArangoDB fixes insert
  • ArangoDB optimizes AQL query

Mapping API

  • Graph improves getSingleResult
  • Graph improves getResultList
  • Improves performance in Graph
  • Adds support to findAll in Graph
  • Adds support to yaml file
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Release Type: 
Minor release